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Practice facilities – practical ideas

If a doctor's practice is newly founded or renovated, the question of suitable practice facilities naturally arises for physicians. There are a few aspects that need to be taken into account. Of course, the main thing to pay attention to is function and professionalism. But comfort also plays an important role in giving patients a pleasant feeling and loosening up the sterile impression. When it comes to practice furnishings, you should definitely not miss out on some accents that convey a kind of living room flair. Posters and flowers, for example, are ideal for this and also take up little space.

Collect ideas for setting up the practice in advance

There is an enormous amount of furniture that is suitable for practice facilities. It is therefore important that you develop a concept in advance and then stick to it when making your purchase decision. Among other things, you can choose a color concept that appears simple but also inviting and runs through the entire practice. There are a variety of styles to choose from. Bauhaus-style practice furnishings are particularly popular in medical practices. These are often characterized by leather covers and metal frames, combining comfort with easy cleaning. Also consider the positioning of the furniture. Especially when moving into a new practice, the correct positioning of practice facilities can save space that can be used for additional patients.

The meaning of colors in practice facilities

If you don't want to do without colors in your practice furnishings and want to break up the sterile white as an entire color concept, you have to think about the meaning of the colors in advance.

  • Blue has a calming and relaxing effect. In addition, a dark blue in particular is resistant to dirt.
  • While green tones also radiate a feeling of relaxation and calm, you can create a particularly natural look with certain colors. Green color accents are particularly suitable in treatment rooms.
  • Red color should only be used very cautiously. It stands for impulsiveness and conveys dynamism.
  • Yellow and orange are ideal for practice furnishings in the entrance and reception areas. You can also work with these colors in the waiting room. Yellow and orange tones are inviting and radiate friendliness and warmth.

These practice furnishing ideas will make your ordination special

Of course, doctors have to follow a special approach in certain respects. For example, reception desks, sideboards for patient files or even desks are essential. But you can already reflect your own style here. In the waiting room it doesn't always have to be the classic chairs. A comfortable couch loosens up the practice facilities and offers comfortable seating for longer waiting times. Accents such as colorful pictures or lush green plants should also be used, especially in the waiting room. These immediately give your practice an additional character and make the visit a pleasant experience for patients. Implementing these interior design ideas will ensure that your patients enjoy their stay in the practice and create a pleasant working atmosphere for both you and the staff.

Decorate and inform with posters

While images primarily serve aesthetic purposes, you can make your practice facilities additionally informative, for example with posters from Animus Medicus. These can often be custom printed so you can share health information. This makes it possible to create informative and at the same time appealing points of view that help patients while away the waiting time. At the same time, bare walls are loosened up. Posters can be removed at any time and without leaving any residue, so you can create a new flair at any time.

Light is an essential factor in practice facilities

In many doctor's offices there is cold white, often bright light. On the one hand, this creates the necessary brightness, but it appears sterile and uninviting. With additional light sources such as floor lamps or LED strips, you can add warmth and comfort to your practice facilities without sacrificing sufficient visibility. What is difficult to achieve with the furnishings, but is still particularly important, is sufficient daylight. Glass entrances or windows should not be blocked with large cabinets in order to allow as much natural light as possible to flow into the practice.

Ergonomic furniture is important for you and your employees

The correct positioning of your practice facilities is also crucial so that you and your staff can carry out medical activities as comfortably as possible. However, ergonomic furniture is an even more important pillar in this process. Provide chairs, exam tables, desks, and other office equipment designed to support the body in healthy alignment and reduce stress on joints. These features, among other things, result in greater comfort for you and your employees and can also help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal complaints, pain and wear and tear from repetitive activities over time. Ergonomic furniture should therefore always be a priority when it comes to practice facilities, as it also offers health benefits for you and the staff.

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