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Original and creative gifts for medical students

Around 100.000 people in Germany decide to study general medicine every year. Whether for the start of your studies or for a birthday – if you are looking for suitable gifts for medical students, you will be spoiled for choice. There are many original ideas and a large selection of creative, funny or practical gifts for medical students. But which gifts are the students really happy about? Certain factors such as the interests and hobbies of the recipient must definitely be taken into account when selecting suitable gifts for medical students. Appropriate gifts for medical students should be ones that don't just end up in the closet. A gift that really comes from the heart puts a smile on every medical student's face. 

Gift for studying medicine – whatever the occasion?

Studying medicine in Germany is no walk in the park and requires a lot of stamina, because medical students have to cope with a high learning load with a wide range of learning material. There are many reasons to give gifts to students - but gifts for medical students should be well chosen and well thought out.

Good occasions for gifts for medical students:

  • Start of studies
  • Birthday
  • Passed specialist examination
  • State examination
  • Dissertation
  • Completed studies

If you really want to make a medical student happy with an original gift, you should choose a practical, useful but also personal gift. But what exactly should you pay attention to when choosing a gift?

Useful questions when choosing: gifts for medical students

Besides their studies, medical students are of course also completely normal people with certain character traits. You have personal interests, soft spots and dislikes, like any other person. First of all, the question arises as to what type of recipient the recipient is and what their preferences are. Is he a calm, calm and cheerful person? Is he happy about a funny gift? Is the person receiving the gift a creative person who is enthusiastic about imaginative gifts? Or, preferably, the medical student prefer practical and useful things that are also helpful in everyday life?

Useful questions for choosing suitable gifts for medical students:

  • What budget is available?
  • What character does the person receiving the gift have??
  • What interests and hobbies does the person receiving the gift have??
  • What is the occasion for the gift?
  • Can the recipient really use the gift?

The interests and hobbies of the aspiring doctor play an important role in the choice of gift. You also need to clarify what budget you want to invest in the gift. That sometimes depends on how close you are to each other. Most people like to give higher-priced gifts to a good friend or family member. Fellow students and acquaintances generally spend less money on gifts for medical students. So should it be a small fun gift for 10 to 20 euros or something practical in the middle price range of 30 to 70 euros? Or are you looking for something very specific, without a price limit?

Practical gifts for medical students

There are numerous ideas for gifts for medical students. For a useful gift that is well received - the question arises: What can the friend really use? Prospective doctors are happy about books, teaching materials and accessories that make learning for their studies easier.

Practical gifts for medical students:

  • Technical books
  • Medical suture set for practice
  • Anatomy Models
  • Anatomy posters and learning boards
  • Stethoscope
  • First aid kit
  • Pocket otoscope
  • Briefcase
  • Skeleton

With the help of anatomy posters, models and medical utensils, students can better internalize and understand what they have learned. With first aid kits and training accessories, medical students can also practice and implement what they have learned directly.

A fun and creative gift for studying medicine

Perhaps the person receiving the gift already has enough practical things and would be more happy about a funny gift? There are plenty of funny gadgets for doctors and those who want to become one.

Ideas for fun and creative gifts for medical students:

In addition to funny socks and cell phone cases with medical motifs, first aid gift boxes are also a fun gift idea. They contain sweet treats, tea or chewing gum in original packaging. Every aspiring doctor would certainly smile at an “anti-idiot” and some nerve nourishment. Pens shaped like syringes or bones are also always a good idea when it comes to gifts for medical students.

Special and extraordinary gifts

Gifts for loved ones should be remembered for a long time and the recipient should feel that the gift comes from the heart. If you are looking for very special gifts for medical students, jewelry and personalized items are a good choice.

Special gifts for medical students:

  • Jewelry for medical students (e.g.b Earrings, necklaces)
  • Doctor's coat with personal initials
  • Gifts with individual engraving

For special gifts for medical students, the specialty should also be taken into account. Prospective cardiologists will definitely be happy about a ECG necklace or Heart anatomy earrings. Medical students who decide to specialize in neurology can, however, be particularly happy with a Serotonin necklace, which is also available from Animus Medicus. Personalized gifts with engraving also show the recipient that the giver has really thought about it - the personal gifts are therefore almost always particularly well received. How about, for example, a whiskey glass, wine glass, petrol lighter, a cup or a high-quality ballpoint pen with individual engraving?

Gifts to relax and enjoy

With all the stress that comes with studying medicine, students of course also need relaxing things. A voucher for a wellness treatment or a visit to a restaurant is always a good idea. A massage gun, acupressure mat, bath salts or a gift basket with delicious, high-quality specialties are also ideal gifts for medical students. But it doesn't always have to be wellness - stress balls, puzzles or meditative coloring books also help reduce stress. In addition, books that have nothing to do with medicine can help you relax.