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Gifts for fitness lovers and sports enthusiasts

What should I give as a gift? Finding gifts for fitness fans is not as easy as you might think at first. Because those who play sports are often well equipped for it. And somehow it would be doubly embarrassing if your gift was of worse quality than what the person receiving the gift already uses every day. If you've still decided and you want gifts for fitness freaks, there are many alternatives to the sporting goods store voucher. And the products from our shop are so exclusive that no one else will turn the corner with them.

Why there are gifts for fitness freaks at Animus Medicus?

The human body is a unique miracle. You can rely on him 24 hours a day, every day. That alone is an important reason to thank him more often. With this basic idea we created Animus Medicus. To be honest, we didn't even think about gift ideas for fitness freaks back then, but we did think about doctors, medical students or teaching staff at schools.

Some buyers have probably already discovered gifts for fitness freaks in the categories Posters or Mobile phone cases from Animus Medicus. As we know, fitness requires a resilient and functioning body - and the bridge to our shop is already built. Anyone who focuses on aspects like

  • the pumping capacity of his heart,
  • the endurance of his lungs or
  • the strength of his muscles

has to leave (and is not disappointed by his own body), who is often also interested in how it works. Maybe you always steer conversations in this direction in your family or circle of friends. This is the perfect way to figure out which gifts for fitness freaks you should get. There are certainly more than enough occasions where you can complement the obligatory bouquet of flowers with tailor-made gifts for fitness freaks.

And it doesn't matter whether the person receiving the gift works in the medical field or is simply proud of their own body and its functions. By the way: Gifts for fitness freaks are also a great idea if you just want to reward yourself.

Gifts for fitness freaks are just right for many occasions

Of course, there are a lot of sporty people in the medical and therapeutic professions who are particularly happy about gifts for fitness freaks. But you probably also have other people around you who value fitness and a healthy body. In general, it is always appropriate to choose gifts for fitness freaks at Animus Medicus - for example, for a birthday or for passing an exam. Gifts for fitness freaks are particularly appropriate if you can give them after running a marathon or completing a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James.

What gifts for fitness freaks are available in our shop?

The anatomy posters and cell phone cases already mentioned are always a great idea for doctors, pharmacists, anatomy students and occupational therapists. But they can also be ideal gifts for fitness freaks who have nothing to do with the medical field. They show the organs in detail and according to the latest scientific and research findings, but they still appear as if they were designed more than a hundred years ago. You can only find this at Animus Medicus - and you can be sure that your gifts for athletes will be really well received. You can enhance them particularly well with the aluminium picture frames, which are also available from us.

The same applies to the jewelry collection from Animus Medicus: We have created artistic monuments to the heart, the double helix of DNA, the brain, the neurons and the messenger substance serotonin and created really elegant gifts for fitness freaks.

Socks are also new in our shop. In the corresponding category you will find a selection of cheerful motif socks that focus on very different areas of anatomy. It goes without saying that sporty people cannot do without hearts, lungs and brains. But teeth and uterus also make their big appearance here. A teddy that is as sweet as it is cheerful also sends warm or Christmas greetings.

Have you found suitable gifts for fitness freaks?

Feel free to browse the Animus Medicus shop to your heart's content, let yourself be inspired and be amazed again and again by the beauty of the human anatomy. The factual illustrations from your school's biology textbook certainly wouldn't be great templates for gifts for fitness freaks. However, we believe that the anatomy more than deserves a much more elegant, artistic representation.

With this basic idea, our shop and our selection are slowly but steadily growing. Feel free to choose your gifts for fitness freaks now and keep checking back later to see what has happened in the meantime. Or you can become part of our growing community on social media. If you still have any questions, send us a message using our contact form! We would also be happy to hear your opinion as to whether you can find the right gifts for a fitness freak with us. With your feedback, Animus Medicus will not only grow bigger, but also get better and better, we promise!